Hubli, located in the Indian state of Karnataka. the headquarter of the South Western Railway Zone

Also one of the key producers of cotton and peanuts in the country.

largely a trading centre of Bangalore with rapid industrial development taking place because of the concerted efforts of the government.

A number of industries have been set up in the past few years which include leather and goods industry, steel furniture, food processing and electrical and machine tools industry.

A recent developmental effort by the government in the region includes the setting up of the Hubli Software IT Park.

It has been set up to promote the IT/ITes industry in the region.

Despite the industrialization, still maintains some of its old world charms and has some places of interest.

Things To Do in Hubli

One of the tourist attractions, the Chandramouleshwara Temple, a temple dating back to the period of the Chalukyas.

Another Chalukyan temple here. Other places of tourist interest include the Nrupatunga Hill, Sayed Fateh Shah Vali, Unkal Lake and the Glass House.

The Glass House almost similar to the one in Bangalore, built by Tipu Sultan.

How to reach Hubli

The town well connected to other parts of the country.

It has a railway head and an airport, which serves direct flights to the four metros of India. There is also a road transport network here, for intercity travel.

Also bus services from Hubli to all the nearby major cities of Karnataka.


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