One of the most affluent cities of India in its heyday, home to beautiful temples and still a place of religious importance.

Inhabited by both locals and tourists, all throughout the year who love to visit tourist places.

The month of November sees the celebration of the Nada Utsav, yearly cultural festival where once can witness breathtaking traditional dances, processions, musical shows and fireworks.

The Temples in the city are a mixture of Hindu, Muslim and Jain architecture, reflecting the whole of the city’s rich history.

Things to Do in Hampi

This city has on offer various options. Indians as well as Western visitors cannot get enough of the Bazaar area.

the morning ritual of the temple elephant bathing herself or just walking around the boulder areas some of the best places to visit.

A place of rest and relaxation, where most guesthouses run by locals and these live alongside some smaller hotel chains.

The Archeological museum of Hampi has various antiques and sculptures and houses some of the most important artifacts.

The various temples, including The Monkey Temple (Hanuman temple), Vijaya Vittala Temple, Virupaksha Temple

and other smaller ones have a lot to offer in terms of their exquisite architecture, their history and each one’s principal deity.

Food and Shopping in Hampi

 The Hampi Bazaar a well known area spread over almost one kilometer.

Though it does not operate with the same force and heart as it did in the days of the Vijayanagara empire,

still a popular place among tourists. The marketplace offers traditional costumes, handicraft items, jewellery, clay dolls, etc.

A unique thing to see the replica of the ruins.

One can enjoy a morning stroll among the pavilion like structures where the market is set up before the market opens for the day at 6:00 am.

During the annual Festival, the market area the center of all activity. It flourishes with cultural and religious celebrations.

A large statue of the Nandi Bull found at the east end of the market street located in close proximity to a two storeyed pavilion that houses a photo gallery.

How to reach Hampi

If you’re wondering how to reach, easily accessible by air (the nearest airport being Bellary which is 64km from Hampi)

Rail (nearest station is Hospet and buses ply frequently between the two towns)

And by road (Roads are well maintained and can be used to reach by cars or buses).



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