Formally known as Nellai, Tirunelveli a city in Tamil Nadu. It is the sixth largest city of Tamil Nadu and the headquarters of the Tirunelveli District.

Bordered by Kerala in the west and the Indian Ocean in the south-east, this district lies 612 km south-west of Chennai and 140 km east of Thiruvananthapuram.

Being close to the southernmost tip of India, also known for its varied geographical features.

It consists of five types of geographical terrain – Kurinji (mountains), Mullai (forests), Marudham (paddy fields), Neithal (coastal) and Palai (deserts) and is situated in the west bank of River.

An ancient city formed on 1st September 1790 by the East India Company.

But much before that, the history of this place dates back to the 900 BC when the Pandyas ruled this region.


It has a rich cultural and architectural heritage, evident from the various temples, mosques and cathedrals located here.

Some of the prominent religious structures are Nellaiappar Temple, Holy Trinity Cathedral and the Mela Thiruvenkatanathapuram Temple.

The Swamy Nellaiappar Temple and Kanthimathi Ambal Temple, Sankaranainar Kovil Temple and Sivasailam Temple

also prominent religious attractions in this region.

Another important pilgrimage site, the beautiful sea facing Kappal Matha Church that is devoted to St. Mary and in the form of a ship.

A major attraction of this district, the Mundanthurai-Kalakad Wildlife Sanctuary also home to jungle cat, striped hyena, common langur, tiger and lion-tailed macaque.

How to reach Tirunelveli

The nearest airport located in Tuticorin, 32 km away from the centre of the town.

Also well connected to all the major cities of India such as Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and Kolkata by rail.

To reach, tourists can also travel by road as National Highway 7 goes right through Tirunelveli.



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