Kannur, a beach town in the District of Kerala.

Also known as Cannanore, this term was coined during the British rule, and it is still used extensively today.

The largest city in the northern parts of Malabar.

The city has a rich colonial heritage and many signs of this can still be seen today.

Things To Do in Kannur

Popular among travellers because of its clean beaches.

Popular tourist attractions of the city include temples where many festivals celebrated throughout the year.

The architecture of the town includes the ancient St. Angelo Fort that belonged to the Portuguese in the 16th century and was demolished by the Dutch.

The building now under the authority of the Archaeological Survey of India.

Since this city a coastal town, the location of the town very well reflected in the climatic conditions as well.

Faces a tropical weather with extremely humid climate.

Summers here are extremely hot and humid whereas the temperatures in winters are relatively mild. this city receives a lot of rainfall during monsoons.

How to reach Kannur

No airport in this city and the nearest one in Calicut, at a distance of 113 kilometres.

The airport of Calicut connects five other major India cities.

this city consists of two railway stations, Cannanore and South, connecting different cities of India.

Also well connected by road. Government buses ply regularly from Mangalore to Kannur.



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