Historic district of the town of Pushkar on the sacred Pushkar Lake, Rajasthan, India, Asia


Pushkar in the Ajmer District of Rajasthan a small town with ample religious beliefs attached to its existence.

Located at 510 meters above sea level and lies 14 km to the North West of Ajmer.

Derives from the Sanskrit word Pushkar, means blue lotus flower.

One of the most ancient cities in India, located on the banks of the city Lake

one of the five sacred Dhams that revered pilgrimage centres and this city with its ample and glorified religious significance centre for many famous temples.

Things To Do in Pushkar

The distinct feature of this city presence of Brahma Temple.

A very rare finding and also very few in India.

The Lake here has 52 ghats and attracts many pilgrims who descend here to bathe in the sacred water.

This city Camel fair another popular event that attracts many visitors in increasing count every year.

The name of this place links to a mythological tale.

Believed that the gods in Hindu religion released a swan with a lotus in its beak and let it free.

Lord Brahma performed a Yagna and the place where lotus fell from beak of the swan called Pushkar and has been called the same, since then.

The other places you can visit , Brahma Temple and Savitri Temple.

The two events that have greatly added to popularity of this city, the city Bazaar and city Fair.


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