Thrissur officially known as the cultural capital of Kerala.

One of the most well-known aspects of Thrissur, the ‘Vadakkumnathan Kshetram’ or shrine where Lord Shiva is the presiding idol.

The temple located in the heart of the city right in the centre encircling about a ’round’ of 64 acres of land and also called as the Swaraj Round.

formerly known as Trichur also one of the first cities of Kerala.

The famed Pooram Festival, one of the biggest, vibrant and eye-catching temple festivals of Kerala.

Celebrated every year in April or May. More than 50 caparisoned elephants are taken in a procession through the town, accompanied by the ‘Panchavadyam’ playing people.

Also known for its Onam celebrations in August or September every year.

Also known for being one of the best shopping centres for silks and gold ornaments in Kerala.

From very early on, Thrissur has been an important centre for learning Sanskrit.

The renowned Shankara Acharya, who had settled here, built a temple, had imparted Advaita teachings to many people.

The temple built in the traditional Kerala style of low, tiled roofs, with woodwork, and there was also the famous ‘koothambalam’, or theatre hall where the dramatic art form, ‘Chakiar koothu’ was performed.

The famous Kerala Kalamandiram, an art and dance school founded by the late poet Vallathol Narayana Menon, also in Thrissur district.

Things To Do in Thrissur

The Kerala Sahitya Akademi and Kerala Sangeetha Nataka Academy are located in The city.

The Shakthan Thampuran Palace here also known as Vadakkekara Palace maintained by the Archaeological Department.

The Archaeological and Art Museum has a good assortment of wood carvings, metal sculptures and antique jewellery.

Zoo the another major attraction for children.

There are a lot of animals and a special enclosure for snakes.

The Appan Thampuran Smarakam a cultural museum found in 1976 at Ayyanthole.

The Basilica of Our Lady of Dolores locally known as Puthen Palli, Vilangankunnu a hillock created by the tourism department an amusement park.

Also two other amusement parks, Dream World and Silver Storm, located nearby. Punnathurkotta the famed exclusive Elephant sanctuary, located about 23 km from the city.

Peechi Dam, about 20 km from the city is a very good picnic spot. Chavakkad Beach one of the most beautiful beaches in Kerala, and the Bible Tower the tallest church tower in Asia can be found here.

How to reach Thrissur

It has a train station and connected to most major cities in India.

To reach the city, tourists can either travel by bus, train or hire cabs.

The best time to visit Thrissur is between October and February.


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