Goa The home to everything

Situated Western coast of India, Goa associated most with touristy beaches, a happening nightlife and old Portuguese architecture. It has colorful houses, lush green fields and a soothing languidness in the atmosphere. The catchy villages are ideal for a calm morning walk or an aimless evening stroll. North and South part of the place are totally different the former cultural hub with traditional market and eaters, while the latter makes for an extremely happy vacation with its 5-star hotels, private beaches and a mix of white sand and turquoise blue water. On the time of night, each festivity becomes more alive. Goa greens and wildlife Attracts a nature lover's ideal. Also provides you not just for the tourists just go their and enjoy with nature, also the place for crazy parties and attractive night-life. Beautiful catchy beaches and scenery. India's Party Capital , Goa for anyone who wishes to take a vacation from their routine life and calm by the beach. From youngsters, spinsters, bachelors, honeymooners to working adults - everyone gets their share of fun at Goa. Goa The home to everything refreshing, zesty, exotic and colourful. And this includes Goan food. The food here is a blend of Konkani, Hindu, Portuguese and Catholic cuisines, providing wide and vibrant choices. Seafood, coconut milk, rice and local spices are the main elements of Goan cuisine and fish, curry and rice form the staple food.

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